Welcome to Awaken Las Vegas!

We are so happy that you are here! Here at Awaken Las Vegas, we believe that following Jesus is a Way of life. Our desire is to be disciples of Jesus, meaning that our aim is to become like Him in every part of our life. We have created a helpful pathway for you to get started on your discipleship journey with Jesus, no matter where you are in your walk with Christ. We call this our Grow Pathway. Our Grow pathway focuses on the three goals of every Christian; to abide with Jesus, become more like Jesus, and do what Jesus did in our world. These goals are not something we will complete, but instead, they are movements of our lives that we will practice until we are face to face with our Savior. Awaken Las Vegas has provided you with ways to immediately begin to practice these three goals in your own life as a follower of Jesus.

Abiding with Jesus

Our primary goal as followers of Jesus is to be in constant connection and relationship with Jesus. Learning to abide with Jesus is a lifelong commitment of a Christian. We have a few different ways for you to intentionally abide with Jesus.


Daily Devotionals

Pastor Derek Neider walks us through the pages of Scripture with a daily word of insight and encouragement. This podcast is designed to help you start your own devotional time with the Lord! Listen to the podcast here.


Life Group Ministry

Life Groups are regularly scheduled community gatherings of church members who typically meet in their homes but may also meet in other places such as an office, school, or park. Learning to abide with Jesus happens when we are in a community with other believers. You can sign up for a life group here.



Basics classes are designed to help you understand the main elements of your faith. Whether you want to refresh your understanding or feel like you know very little, this class is just for you. Find out here when the next available course begins.

Becoming Like Jesus

The teachings of Jesus and the New Testament promise a complete transformation as we grow in our relationship with God. However, this transformation is not immediate. Instead, it takes the entirety of our life to become more and more like Jesus.


Christian Living

We have had many incredible sermon series that pertain to becoming more like Jesus Christ. You can find past sermons here.


Church Ministries

All of our Church ministries seek to help Christians become more like Jesus. You can find a ministry here and experience intentional discipleship.


Grow Classes

We host Grow classes to help you intentionally grow as a Christian throughout the year. You can look on our sign-up page here to see which classes are currently offered.

Do What Jesus Did in Our World

Our calling in life as disciples of Jesus is not just to follow Him but to also continue His work here on earth. We have a few different ways for you to intentionally do what Jesus did here in our world.



One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve at church. God wants to use you to make a difference. Join our team and use your gifts and talents to serve the Lord! You must agree with our Statement of Faith and regularly attend Awaken Las Vegas for all of these positions.


LV Reach

LV Reach is an organization birthed out of Awaken for the purpose of helping and healing our inner cities of Las Vegas through educational, medical, legal & nutritional assistance. You can intentionally serve our community by visiting www.lvreach.org.



Come experience an international missions trip. Whether it is your first trip or your fourteenth, experienced missions trip leaders will guide you to our locations all over the world. Have a heart for prayer and/or giving? We will keep you updated about opportunities to be a part of the amazing things God is doing worldwide. 


Awaken Church Planting

With 19 current church plants and many more in the pipeline, our vision is to target regions nationally and internationally, to grow, and to have a global impact! Your giving to this initiative helps support church plants and church planters so they can be trained, obtain meeting spaces, do outreach in their cities, and minister to people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.