We are glad you’re here!…Remember, the more you say yes to God the more you will experience Jesus and His transforming work in your life. Getting rooted is one of the first steps to becoming an established, healthy, strong, fruitful member of the body of Christ. Getting rooted is for everyone whether you are a new believer or someone who has been a Christian for most of their life.

We invite you to join us on the path to GROW at Calvary by attending our “Meet & Greet” on the *first Sunday of every month after the 11:00am service. This is the easiest way to get established as an active, growing member here at Calvary.  Sign up here for meet & greet

  • During this meeting you will meet pastors and other leaders
  • Get to learn more about the church ministry and beliefs
  • Take your first step on your path toward things like Baptism, signing up for
    GROW Classes or getting plugged into a Life Group.

*except on rare occasions, check with calendar to confirm dates and times

Sign up for classes here


Just as a plant needs to be firmly rooted in order to grow it also needs nourishment from water, soil, and air. So too, we as Christians in order to thrive need to regularly nourish ourselves in the basic elements that give us LIFE.

GROW is how you will be able to track your progress and experience at Calvary no matter where you begin on the path. There are three phases: Rooted, Growing, and Fruitful.

GROW allows you to connect to others who attend Calvary and establish relationships that provide friendship, discipleship, mentoring, and support that we all need.

GROW will provide many opportunities for you to get that nourishment through regular bible studies, opportunities to serve, and our CCLV rotating classes that everyone who attends Calvary is encouraged to attend.

GROWING is learning and serving. This PATH is designed to be sequential in nature, so as you take each step along the path, you experience growth and maturity. The classes are made to repeat throughout the year so that you can fit them into your active lifestyle.



Discover the Christian foundations of what we believe and why.

(4 times per year, 8 weeks Feb, April, July and Oct)


Be a Called, Committed, Loving Volunteer; learn and gain the DNA of CCLV

(bi-monthly, 4 weeks April, May, July, Sept, Nov)


Learn how to have financial freedom and honor God with your money.

( 1 time per year, 8 weeks Feb)


Learn how to share your faith in a real and effective way, with confidence.

(2 times per year, 7 weeks April and September)


Develop yourself as a leader, learning the biblical basis for leadership, discovering your God-given gifts, and how to work effectively in a team.

(2 times per year, 8 weeks April and September)


Understand the biblical basis for prayer and cultivate the process of communicating with God.

(2 times per year, 4 weeks July and November )


Discover what the Bible has to say in an effective, step-by-step Inductive Bible Study process.

(2 times per year, Friday evening and Saturday, May and September )


A one-day seminar for God’s heart for missions examining biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic aspects of missions. (June) SIGN UP HERE!

GROW in serving:

LV Reach

Evangelistic events Services: Usher, Host, Greeting, Follow-up, Security, Worship, Production

Creative: Graphic Design, Photography

Middle & High school, LV Kids Volunteer

Short-term mission trips

Once you have been rooted and start growing your life will begin to bear fruit. There are many different ways that spiritual fruit manifests itself in your life. As you serve the body of Christ and exercise your gifts and talents, perhaps God will show you an area where you can move into a position of leadership that He is calling you to. Some examples of those positions include:

As you become fully engaged in serving, we encourage you to pray for God’s direction and to speak to one of our Pastors or Ministry Leaders about how you can take the next step.

Keep growing and challenging yourself by staying involved.

  • What new classes are being offered?
  • What ways may God want you to help others get
    planted here at church?

We praise the Lord for His work in your life and as we each individually strengthen our walk we together fulfill the Great Commission and the vision for this church which is to Worship our God, Equip our Church, Reach our City, and Impact the World!

Get Rooted. Continue Growing. Be Fruitful.