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Life Groups are regularly scheduled community gatherings of church members who typically meet in their homes but may also meet in other places such as an office, school, or park. These groups act as the essential pathway for discipleship at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas. Discipleship in Life Groups happens through intentional community, facilitated conversations, and practical Christian living.

When you join a Life Group, you will gain a church family that shares life together and intentionally seeks to become more like Jesus Christ. We cannot wait to get to know you!

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Leading a Life Group is an essential ministry opportunity at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas. Life Group leaders shepherd small communities within the Church in their discipleship to Jesus and mobilize these communities around the work God has called our Church too.

If you are interested in leading a Life Group, the first step is to sign up for our “Life Group Leader Training” class. This three-week class will define your role as a Life Group Leader, equip you to shepherd and facilitate your group, and give you practical skills to be a healthy leader and lead a healthy Life Group.


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