in weekly home group gatherings

We are excited to announce, after much prayer and consideration, that Home Groups will be the first ministry that will resume in-person gatherings. These new guidelines were made with everyone’s health and safety in mind, especially those of you who are elderly, have underlying health issues, or compromised immune systems.

Hybrid Home Groups, will give home group leaders and attendees the option to meet in person and online.  In person meetings should not exceed 10 people.  And anyone who isn’t able or feel comfortable can continue to use a virtual platform.

If you have questions about your current Home Group, please reach out to your leader and they will be able to direct you further. Our newly added Online Home Groups will continue to meet as-is for now and those are still open to anyone to join.

Detailed Guidelines

At Calvary Chapel Las Vegas, we want our Home Groups to compliment our Sunday morning worship services and provide a more intimate setting for people to further study the Word of God. The format of our home fellowships is very simple. We follow the Acts 2:42 model:

  • Worship
  • Spend time in the Word
  • Prayer
  • Discipleship and Developing solid biblical friendships

Our groups meet weekly for approximately two hours. They are simple, effective and easy to duplicate and are also a place where people are able to develop friendships with brothers and sisters in the Lord, pray and be prayed for, encourage each other and be encouraged. There are many different demographics of home fellowships such as groups that are specifically for married couples, groups for singles, groups that are for our international community and groups that are open for everyone.
Life can be extremely difficult and draining and no one is ever meant to “do life” alone. We are designed to walk with each other, grow with one another and to glorify God together. Everyone needs the support and encouragement of other people. Everyone needs community!

We encourage everyone who considers Calvary Chapel Las Vegas their home church to regularly attend one of our home groups.

Home Groups Online

We are excited to launch our home groups online. If you are already in a home group, you continue to meet with your current group. If you are looking for a way to connect with groups during this time please view the home groups online available this week!

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