Home groups


Home Groups are regularly scheduled Bible based study gatherings of church members who typically meet in their homes but may also meet in other places such as an office, school, or park. Home Groups are smaller and welcoming communities within the larger church congregation where you connect with and get to know people personally.

When you join a Home Group, you will gain a church family, a close-knit group of fellow Christians doing life together shoulder to shoulder. You will be a valued part of the larger church, you will know your fellow church members and quickly become part of our church community. We want to get to know you!

Home Group Leaders

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Group Curriculum

Week 6 | A Cloud of Witnesses

Week 5 | A Cloud of Witnesses

Week 4 | A Cloud of Witnesses

Week 3 | A Cloud of Witnesses

Week 2 | A Cloud of Witnesses

Week 1 | A Cloud of Witnesses