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June 7-11
Free day camp for kids ages 4yrs to 5th grade. June 7-11 from 8:30am to 1pm. Sign up today!

VBS Volunteers

June 7-11
Free day camp for kids ages 4yrs to 5th grade. June 7-11 from 8:30am to 1pm. Sign up to volunteer today!


Just as a plant needs to be firmly rooted in order to grow it also needs nourishment from water, soil, and air. So too, we as Christians in order to thrive need to regularly nourish ourselves in the basic elements that give us LIFE.

Meet & Greet

June 6
We invite you to join us on the path to GROW at Calvary by attending our “Meet & Greet” on the first Sunday of every month at 12:30pm. This is the easiest way to get established as an active, growing member here at Calvary. (Next meeting is June 6th at 12:30pm in the new Worship Center)


Serving each other allows us to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ. God wants to use us to make a difference!

LV Reach

Worship, equip, reach, and impact is the mission of our church. LV Reach is a strategic initiative to meet the ever changing needs of our Las Vegas community.


Baptism is an important step in the life of a believer. It symbolizes the forgiveness of sins, washed away through the grace of a loving Savior. If this is something you feel that God is calling you toward and you are ready to take the next step please sign up for the next scheduled baptism.

Home Groups

At Calvary Chapel Las Vegas, we want our Home Groups to compliment our Sunday morning worship services and provide a more intimate setting for people to further study the Word of God.

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which the child is offered in dedication to the Lord. The parents and extended family are admonished to raise the child to know and love God, and to model a godly lifestyle. It is an opportunity for new parents to give their child back to the Lord and to pray for wisdom and guidance through this new season in their lives.