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Awaken Las Vegas believes that everyone should be involved in impacting the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Our missions ministry offers missions trips, trains up missionaries, and supports mission work all over the world. There are also classes that will inspire you to have faith on a global scale.

Come experience an international missions trip. Whether it is your first trip or your fourteenth, experienced missions trip leaders will guide to our locations all over the world. Have a heart for prayer and/or giving? We will keep you updated about opportunities to be a part of the amazing things God is doing worldwide.

Contact missions@awakenlv.org to stay up to date and join our list.

Short Term Missions Strategy

Everything Starts at Awaken Discipleship & Training Center La Gloria, Mexico

As a requirement for participating in our ALV missions trips, we ask that our missions team members first go on one of our trips to ADTC La Gloria. These trips are geared towards missions field cultural and practical preparation. Usually, they take place over the weekend, and the cost is much lower per person to go on them.

Know Before You Go

On the four Sunday’s leading up to any missions trip, there are mandatory meetings that take place after the second service at ALV. These help teams to be the most effective they can be in the field. All of the paperwork to go on the missions trip (waivers, etc.) are due by the second meeting. The sequence of the meetings is as follows:

Meeting 1: General Trip Information and Handing out Forms
Meeting 2: Form Collection and Outreach Training
Meeting 3: Cultural and Safety Training
Meeting 4: Any Final Preparations and Planning

Missions Trips January 2023 – December 2023

(all Interest Meetings take place after the 11:00am service in the Chapel)

7-Day Hope Trip

March 26 – April 3

Interest Meetings January 29th,
February 19th, March 26th (After the 11:00am service)

Men’s Mission Trip to Awaken Discipleship and Training Center

April 20-23

Mission and Vision Trip

April 27 – May6

Interest Meeting February 26th
(After the 11:00am service)
Pricing to be determined

Mission Trip

July 7-15

Interest Meeting March 5th
(After the 11:00am service)

Middle School Mission Trip - La Gloria


Weekend Teaching and Outreach - Tijuana

July 21-24

Collective Graduation - Missions

August 18-20

10-Day Hope Trip with Spain Vision Trip


ATC Blessing Bag Trips



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Alvarez Family

Vision: Support Calvary Chapel Mexico City “Brasas” Church Planting w/ Hernandez Familiy being faithful servants to enable new and current believers to fullfill the great commission of Jesus in their lives, using discipleship to extend gospel for the city. Matthew 28:18-20 Please Pray · God’s protection during Jahil´s surgery. · Strength, faith to continue preaching the gospel with “Brasitas Kids” ministry, God bring new people to serve in this area. · For our children who are always aligned with God’s serving their church in media ministry and street missions. · Financial provision for our family. · God´s protection over COVID situation in the city and pray for our church.

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Benitez Family

Chris and Yesenia have been serving in Mexico as missionaries for the past 4 years alongside with our daughters Ayleen, Alyssa, Aubrey and Abigail.

We are originally from Montebello, California in July 2017 the Lord called us out into the mission field and we left our home town to assist a new church plant Capilla Calvario Michoacan in Zamora Michoacan, Mexico. Before we went out to Michoacan, we took the Church Plant course at Calvary Training Center in La Gloria, Tijuana. Upon graduation, we set out to Michoacan, having the tools we needed to serve the Lord. We served in different areas as needed from Children’s ministry, audio/power point, youth ministry and marriage counseling. Our oldest daughter, Ayleen, led the worship ministry for the past year.

In June 2021, the Lord called us back to Tijuana and we now have the privilege to serve at Calvary Training Center La Gloria. We are so grateful to serve in the place where it all began for us and our hearts have been drawn to this place. Chris is currently assisting in the area of facilities and gets to work with teams and do maintenance projects around the base. Yesenia is currently assisting in administration and also gets to help in the kitchen preparing meals for teams and students. We will soon be assisting with marriage counseling to the surrounding churches. Our oldest Ayleen is also serving as a ministry assistant and is able to serve in worship for group devotionals and local churches.

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B Family

The B family oversees all of the missionaries in North Africa for a certain missions organization.

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C Family

The C Family is church planting in Israel after having served in student ministry at a local university for 14 years.

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Garin Family

Luis and Anel are currently planting a church planting in Mazatlan called Calvary Chapel Despertar.

Vision: To be a part of Mexico’s revival and believing that Mexico can have a part in the reaching of Latin America for Christ. Acts 20:24
Please Pray:
For me to continue to seek His Kingdom and Righteousness
For wisdom and discernment in my decision
To have a heart of the people in Mazatlan
Contact email for newsletters: Luisgarin@awakenlv.org

H Family

The H family is actually moving to a new country in North Africa to start a work in a major city where there almost no Christian missionaries. C moved to North Africa in 1997, and T came two years later. That is where they met and got married and all three of their children were born. Their passion is to see God glorified as churches are planted throughout their region. As they have lived here for a while, they have grown to love the people very much and want them to have an intimate relationship with our Creator. Six years ago, they moved from the capitol to a rural town. C is an English teacher who is in the process of starting a language center in town.

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Hernandez Family

Vision: To extend the kingdom of God through the message of Jesus. Our heart is to Church Plant in Mexico City so many people can come to know the Lord and make Him known.

Please Pray for
· God’s power and presence to be in this Church Plant
· God’s financial provision for us and the Church Plant
. God’s guidance throughout this Journey
Isaiah 45:1-3

Leona Karni

Leona has been in missions since 1979 and has served in churches and Bible Colleges in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South and Central America.Leona trains leaders to use a specialized evangelistic program for children. This program (Confident Kids) is geared for children from abusive backgrounds such as children of war, refugee children, and children living in poverty. She also teaches several different courses at Bible Colleges these courses includes: History and Geography of the Holy Land; Christian Counseling; Crisis Counseling; Children’s Ministry to name a few.

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Bonnie Knight

Serves as the Missionary Internship Coordinator at Calvary Training Center La Gloria, Mexico

Vision: to share the love and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ by building relationships with the community in Tijuana and making Christ known to everyone I meet.

After completing a year-long internship at Awaken Discipleship & Training Center in La Gloria, Mexico, I now feel God calling me to return to the mission field. I have been given the opportunity to oversee the missionary internship program at ADTC where I will work with interns by coordination various events, assisting with administrative needs, and guiding them during their stay. Your prayers are appreciated, as I take this step into full-time missions.
Prayer Requests:

To learn the language

For my transition back into the mission field to go smoothly

For protection and strength

To build strong relationships with the locals and the staff

Support Bonnie Knight

L Family

Rich and Sue have been working with unreached people groups since 1981. An unreached people group is an ethnic group without an indigenous, self-propagating Christian church movement. We focus on using media strategy to enable seekers to identify themselves to national and expatriate workers in their country, who can share the Gospel and disciple them with the aim of seeing a church planting movement. Today, this is primarily an online digital strategy using social media platforms and advertising to provide a way for many thousands of unreached people to learn about and follow Jesus. Learn more about media to movements by visiting www.mediatomovements.org.

  • Pray with us that we will grow to be more like Jesus daily, reflecting him to all those we encounter.

  • Pray that God will establish multiplying churches among the unreached peoples of the world

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Pavlat Family

They have now retired from the missions field but we continue to support them for their long term of service. For the past 25 years, Rick and Ollie have been ministering to those precious people of the Manila garbage dump. Throughout their stay in the Philippines, Rick and Ollie have felt they are an arm of Calvary Chapel Las Vegas, reaching out in sharing the love and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. One of Rick’s greatest blessings from his time in the Philippines was when he met his wife Olympia (Ollie). She is a Filipina from the north, from a place called Isabella. They have been married for over nine years now, and for the past 7 years, have been leading the Balut ministry while serving also as National Administrator & regional director for YWAM Philippines National Capital Region.

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Roenspie Family

Vision: To provide practical and accessible bible training and to serve churches throughout Latin American by training up leaders Psalm 145:4

Please Pray

· Dependence on the Lord

· God’s financial provision

· For our children to grow and witness God move in this new season

To receive our newsletter, send an email with the title NEWSLETTER REQUEST to jeff@awakndtc.org 

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Valenzuela Family

The Valenzuela Family currently lives in Madrid, Spain where they have been actively planting the church RAÍCES MADRID since October of 2017.

Tifiny and Esteban came from very different homes. Tifiny grew up in a conservative Christian home where she was raised with biblical values. Esteban was raised in a much more liberal environment and lived wildly during his young adult years. Shortly after getting saved in 1999 the Lord took Esteban on an adventure that spanned the USA and Europe, eventually leading him to West Virginia where he met Tifiny in early 2004. After marrying in 2005 Esteban and Tifiny lived in Southern California where they worked and served in the local church. Within the next ten years the Lord added three beautiful children to our family.

In 2010 the Lord began to stir Esteban’s heart for Spain during a season of intense suffering and trials. While still serving in the local church the Lord confirmed the call to Spain between 2010 to 2014. Having the support of the church and the elders of CC Canyon Hills we launched out as a family of 5 to Spain, where we have residing since January of 2015.

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W Family

We have been working with un-reached people groups since 1998. Our heart is to see the Good News and life changing message of Jesus Christ taken to the people groups and regions of the world that have yet to have the opportunity to hear. We are passionate about seeing the local church established, discipled and empowered so that they can multiply themselves across their nation. We have also given our lives to investing in young leaders. Tomorrow’s leaders are being prepared today. It is our desire to see a generation of godly leaders that will boldly live for Christ in love, truth and power.

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