Church Planting

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Through our School of Ministry, Pipeline, and Internship programs we offer future church planters assistance in laying the church foundation.


After being equipped for the ministry, we send out our church planters to fulfill their calling. Before launch, our church planters have the full support of our congregation.


Calvary Chapel Las Vegas continues to pray for, communicate with, and encourage our church planters as they proclaim the gospel and lead souls to Christ.


School of Ministry

Beginning in spring 2016, we will be offering a Church Planting course to gain a better understanding of discipling, equipping, and sending out future church planters. If you feel called to plant, support, or to come alongside and encourage our future planters we encourage you to enroll.


The Pipeline is an individualized training program that further equips future church planters with regard to their specific ministry calling. CCLV leadership will select individuals from the Church Planting course that we believe possess the spiritual gifts necessary for leading and shepherding.


If you are unsure of what your ministry calling is, a great way to discover God’s plan for you is through our internship program. This program allows individuals to be a part of several different aspects of ministry, in order to help determine where you are called to specifically.


Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

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Pastor Dean Barham is a native of Raleigh, NC. He met his wife, Virginia, during college and they married and moved to Massachusetts where Virginia was from. They have been together in New England since 1984.

Great Bay Calvary

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Pastor Jim Davis is the senior pastor of Great Bay Calvary. He has been in ministry for over 25 years and has served in worship, education, and as a Senior Pastor. Pastor Jim and Karyl have four children: Brennan, Laura, Ethan, and Sam, as well as a son-in-law, Daniel, and a daughter-in-law, Angelina. Pastor Jim and Karyl also have three grandsons, Jadon, Jimmy and Graceson.

Paradise Calvary

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Pastor Tim Warholic was involved at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas before moving to Hungary to attend Bible College. After an internship at the Bible college, Pastor Tim and his wife, Grace, moved to Split, Croatia to be involved in a church plant.  In 2012, The Lord brought Pastor Tim and his family back to Las Vegas to continue the work of the ministry.

Calvary Chapel Culiacán

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Pastor Hugo Limon was born and raised in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. Ten years ago Pastor Hugo’s job transferred him to Tijuana where he met his wife, Brenda, and he now has a daughter named Joy. Pastor Hugo served as an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel. In September of 2015, Pastor Hugo and his family returned to his hometown of Culiacán to plant Calvary Chapel Culiacán.

Calvary Chapel Mazatlán

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Pastor Carlos Salazar was saved in 1985.  After two years a friend invited him to a bible study with a couple missionaries that came from the states. Pastor Juan Domingo and Pastor Mike MacIntosh preached that night and his wife got saved. Now he serves as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Mazatlan (Vida Nueva). Pastor Carlos is a father of three, and has two grandsons.

Calvary Chapel Maranatha

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Tony and Angela Carranza and their son, Kaleb, are being sent to plant a church in Mazatlan, Sinaloa by Calvary Chapel Rosarito. Tony has had a lot of experience in different Calvary Chapel churches, and he felt a specific calling to Mazatlan even though he had never actually been there! While he had to work, his wife, Angela, graduated from Church Plant International 2015 because there were no other opportunities for the wife of a church planter to be raised up and training otherwise. Tony says that before her training she would just nod her head accepting the move to plant the church, but after graduation, she actually had a lot of passion and great ideas!

Calvary Chapel Pueblos Magicos

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Williams and Salma both wound up at CPI 2014 praying that the Lord would use it to give them wisdom as to what they were called to do and where. God used CPI to give Williams a passion for planting a church in a local suburb of 100,000 people, called “Pueblos Magicos”. No one knew at the time that Williams and Salma would wind up getting married and moving there as newlyweds to plant! To this day, God continues to use them to reach that area which is only 10 minutes away from the Tijuana dump.

Calvary Training Center

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Pastor Brennan, Angelina, and their sons Jadon , Jimmy and Graceson are serving Jesus in La Gloria, Mexico. Under the leadership of Calvary Chapel Spring Valley, Pastor Brennan directs the Calvary Training Center in La Gloria. As a family, they seek to utilize the facility to share the love and message of Jesus Christ with the people of Tijuana, Mexico and Central America. Current ministries through CTC include an after school children’s program, outreach to local rehabilitation centers and orphanages through weekly Bible studies, and coming alongside local pastors and church plants in Tijuana and Central America. CTC also houses and aids in ministry for short term missionary teams, local retreats and conferences.

Calvary Chapel Zamora

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Although they haven’t even had their first official service as a church yet, Rogelio Barragan, a former CPI student, has had miraculous success reaching out to the community in Zamora Michoacan. It’s obvious that God moves mightily through this man’s gift of evangelism, and God has already prepared the soil by using him to convert many people in this traditionally catholic city.
Himself originally having attended Calvary Chapel Pico Rivera in Los Angeles, and having been deported from there, God used prison to demonstrate to Rogelio the call on his life to serve Him. When he wound up in Tijuana, his wife, Monica, followed him with their four children.

Rogelio attended Church Plant International 2015 because God had put the city of his birth strongly on his heart- Zamora, Michoacan. Michoacan is a state that lies within the “Circle of Silence” of Mexico meaning that there is next to no Protestant voice in the área. The Barragan family is now gathering support and developing a church planting team using the principles learned at Church Plant International.

Calvary Chapel La Gloria

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During one of the Church Plant International classes in 2014, the need for a local Calvary Chapel church in the La Gloria área was expressed. One of the students felt led to go and volunteer his time serving alongside a pastor who was just beginning to plant there. By using what he learned from CPI, the student began to use his gift of evangelism and discipleship to gather a large core group of people for the church plant. Now, though the student has felt led to move on to another ministry, the church plant in La Gloria is still going strong with the new pastor.

Calvary Chapel Del Prado

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Although CC Del Prado had been a struggling church plant for two years, after Jose Manuel Cazares attended CPI with his wife, Maria Luisa, and the majority of his leadership, he decided to re-launch their church with a focus on reaching out to the kids of the community and training up leaders. Since the re-launch, many new families have begun attending and the majority of the new attendees are serving in local ministry. Every year, CC Del Prado sends their leaders to be developed at CPI, which is an honor that we don’t take lightly.


Pastor Jim Davis – Great Bay Calvary
  • Deep move of the Holy Spirit in Great Bay Calvary Chapel
  • Spiritual fire in our youth group
  • Church members to engage in serving
  • Financial blessing for the work of the ministry
Pastor Dean Barham – Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
  • Youth ministry leadership
  • Fresh insight for outreach
  • Provision for volunteers in children’s ministry
Pastor Carlos Salazar – Calvary Chapel Mazatlán
  • Healing from an illness and quick recovery time for Pastor Carlos
  • God to raise up leaders within the church
  • Stronger discipleship ministry
Pastor Tim Warholic – Paradise Calvary
  • We are still in a temporary location and hoping to move into our own building soon. Pray for Gods timing.
  • Church mission trip to Croatia coming up in January. We have 7 people going and will visit multiple churches and do evangelism while in Croatia.
  • The marriages in the church, marriage is under attack and our culture seems to easily justify divorce. May it be the opposite for believers.
  • Families and children would grow together in the Lord and have a passion to know the Lord more.
Pastor Hugo Limon – Calvary Chapel Culiacán
  • Wisdom to manage time correctly between family, ministry and work
  • The core team and leaders that are arising, that the Lord will guide them and give them a sincere heart for His sheep
  • The church finances, that the Lord will continue providing for all that is necessary