We at CCLV believe that church planting is God’s ordained method for making disciples of all people groups and nations. The Church Planting Collective is an opportunity in English and in Spanish to have your life transformed as you explore God’s calling on your life. If you are open to God sending you as a Church Planter or as part of a Church Planting Team, the CPC is the way to LEARN, EXPERIENCE, AND LAUNCH.


In the 12-week LEARN class, experienced pastors and church planters and grow alongside fellow candidates from all over the world. You will be challenged to grow in your faith in what the Lord can do through lives dedicated to Him. Throughout the process, you will pray and seek the Lord about continuing on to the EXPERIENCE portion which is the next step in the process.
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The Church Planting EXPERIENCE is a seven-month, full-time opportunity to shadow pastors and ministry leaders as a residential candidate at a local church. The first five months you will be empowered to grow in teaching, preaching, administrative, and servant leadership giftings at an already-established church. The remaining two months will take place at an actual church plant where you will experience the excitement of taking part in the launch of a new work for Christ. Those who have been through the LEARN portion are invited to apply for the EXPERIENCE at the discretion of CCLV leadership.
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  • Inductive Bible Study, Teaching and Preaching, Evangelism and Discipleship Strategies, Worship Service Administration, Administrating Church Programs, International Missions, Theology and Doctrine, Pastoral Guidance, and more.


Church Planting LAUNCH is comprised of step-by-step coaching through planting a church, which is governed by the Lord’s timing and not subject to a time limit. Over the years, CCLV has had the privilege of developing a network of experienced church planters, and the LAUNCH is the thrilling process by which a candidate will join that network. While CCLV does not commit to financially supporting church plants directly, guidance is given in various support-raising methods. Those who have completed the LEARN and EXPERIENCE portion are welcome to apply for the LAUNCH.


  • Is there a cost to the program? There is no cost to the program. It is completely funding through Calvary Chapel Las Vegas and generous donations.
  • Are lodging and food provided? CCLV does not provide food or lodging, though there may be assistance in finding a temporary place to stay with someone from the congregation.
  • What is the time commitment for the LEARN portion? Once a week on Monday nights from 7:00-9:00 for 12 weeks.
  • Will I be able to attend the LEARN portion online? Yes, the stream will be online in English and in Spanish.
  • Is the EXPERIENCE portion a paid internship? It is not a paid internship, though support-raising help is available.
  • Do I already need to have ministry experience? Ministry experience is not necessary; however, please list previous ministry experience in the online application.
  • Do I need references? Yes, you will see on the online application there are spaces for references. References from your current senior pastor and/or employer are encouraged.

About The Church Planting Collective

The Church Planting Collective is a vision of Pastor Derek Neider, church planter and senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Las Vegas. God has been faithful to build Himself a flourishing network of church planters and churches that share the vision of establishing local churches all over the world. While churches in the CPC network have been planted all over, the Lord has called us to a special focus in Las Vegas, in the Bay Area of California, New England, the Spanish-speaking countries of the world, and North Africa.

Calvary Training Center Mexico

God is moving mightily in Mexico, Central, and South America, as well as all over the world. We’re so excited at CTC to be a part of His plan for bringing faith and Jesus Christ to the nations. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us as we follow Him. If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us. God bless!
Matthew 28:18-20, Ephesians 4:11-13
More about CTC Mexico

Church Plants

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

More Info

Pastor Dean Barham
Manchester, New Hampshire

Great Bay Calvary

More Info

Pastor Jeremy Smiley
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

greatbaycalvary.com     support

Paradise Calvary

More Info

Pastor Tim Warholic
Las Vegas, Nevada

paradisecalvary.com     support

Calvary Chapel Red Rock

More Info

Pastor Greg Seymour
Las Vegas, Nevada

http://calvaryredrock.org/donate     support

Calvary Training Center

More Info

Pastor Jeff Roenspie
La Gloria, Mexico


Calvary Chapel Maranatha

More Info

Pastor Tony Carranza
Mazatlán, Mexico

Calvary Chapel Esperanza Viva

More Info

Pastor Eduardo
Guadalajara, Mexico
Facebook Page/

Calvary Chapel Culiacán

More Info

Pastor Hugo Limon
Culiacán, Mexico

facebook page

Calvary Chapel Mazatlán

More Info

Pastor Carlos Salazar
Mazatlán, Mexico

facebook group

Calvary Chapel Zamora

More Info

Pastor Rogelio Barragan
Michoacan, Mexico

Brasas Mexico City

More Info

David and Sami Hernandez

Vision: To extend the kingdom of God through the message of Jesus. Our heart is to Church Plant in Mexico City so many people can come to know the Lord and make him known.

Please Pray
· God’s power and presence to be in this Church Plant
· God’s financial provision for us and the Church Plant
. God’s guidance throughout this Journey
Isaiah 45:1-3

David and Sami’s Website

Support David and Sami

Mazatlán, Mexico

More Info

Luis Garin
Vision: To be a part of Mexico’s revival and believing that Mexico can have a part in the reaching of Latin America for Christ. Acts 20:24
Please Pray:
For me to continue to seek His Kingdom and Righteousness
For wisdom and discernment in my decision
To have a heart of the people in Mazatlan

Contact email for newsletters: Luisgarin@cclasvegas.org

Calvary Chapel Monterrey

More Info

Pastor Peter Velazquez
Monterrey Mexico
Facebook Page/

Calvary Culiacan Sur

More Info

Pastor Valerio Ramirez
Culiacan, Mexico

Facebook Page

Curitiba, Brazil

More Info

Pastor Ricardo and his family moved to the city of Curitiba, Brazil in July so that he could take over as the new senior pastor of Calvary Curitiba. Just as the Lord had installed them, the pandemic hit, and the need for ministry has skyrocketed. Despite the chaos of COVID-19, God is forming a healthy, growing, and very active church.
Prayer requests:
For our family as the kids are still a lot at home due covid-19 and missing friends and meeting new kids.
For Lillian and I to be wholehearted and  learning to love, care and feed the folks from Calvary Curitiba
For a great first year of transition and vision for the future.
For a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit among us.
One of the exciting things the Maker did,  was  to give vision to some of our leaders here to initiate a  new ministry during the pandemic to serve those in need and some families who have adopted kids.
We have seen so many beautiful things out of this initiative.

Yopal, Colombia

More Info

German and Erika Ossa. German and Erika were trained in church planting through Calvary Training Center La Gloria and have been sent back to Yopal, Colombia to plant a church. On their heart is a program for local children from low-income families patterned after the Kid’s of the King program at CTC. Their prayer is that God would continue to give them a passion for the lost and would guide them with His Holy Spirit every step of the way.

Calvary Chapel Sante Fe

More Info

Pastor Jorge Arias and his wife Erika
Tijuana, Mexico

Calvary King of Kings

More Info

Pastor Fernando Jimenez and his family

Calvary Culiacan East

More Info

Pastor Jesus Ayón
Culiacan, Mexico

Future Church Plants

Please join us in prayer for potential church plants in the following countries. Merida, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Spain.